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Try a number of financial calculators here.

Interactive calculations, dynamic graphs, and fully customizable reports are just a few of the features that make these calculators stand out.

College Planning and Student Loan Calculators

College Savings Calculator

Use this calculator to help develop or fine-tune your education savings plan.

Student Loan Consolidation Calculator

The Student Loan Consolidation and Debt Payoff calculator applies two simple principles to paying off high-interest debt.

Credit Cards and Debt Management

Credit Card Minimum Payment Calculator

Use this calculator to determine how long it will take you to payoff your credit cards if you only make the minimum payments.

Credit Card Pay Off Calculator

Use this calculator to see what it will take to pay off your credit card balance, and what you can change to meet your repayment goals.

Snowball Debt Elimination Calculator

This debt calculator applies two simple principles to paying off all your debt that can cut years off of your repayment schedule.


Investment Calculators

Compare Investment Fees

Even a small difference in the fees you pay on your investments can add up over time. 

Use this calculator to see how different fees impact your investment strategy and save you money.

Present Value Calculator

Use this PV calculator to determine the present value of a stream of deposits plus a known final future value. 


Investment Questionnaire

Investment Questionnaire

Learn how to create a balanced portfolio of investments.


Retirement Savings and Planning

Retirement Planner

Quickly determine if your retirement plan is on track – and learn how to keep it there.


Personal Finance

Home Budget Analysis

Analyze your budget, see where your money goes and find out where you can improve!

Rent Vs. Buy Analysis

Should you rent or should you buy your home? This calculator helps you weed through the fees, taxes and monthly payments to help you make a decision between these two options.

Reverse Mortgage Analysis

This calculator is designed to show you how the outstanding balance of a reverse mortgage can rapidly grow over a period of time.

Mortgage Required Income

This calculator collects these important variables and determines your required income to qualify for your desired mortgage amount.

Mortgage Tax Savings Calculator

Use this calculator to see how this deduction can create a significant tax savings.

Maximum Mortgage Calculator

This calculator collects these important variables and determines your maximum monthly housing payment and the resulting mortgage amount.

Buy vs. Lease Analysis

Should you lease or buy your car? Use this calculator to find out! Calculate your monthly payments and your total net cost. By comparing these amounts, you can determine which is the better value for you.Insurance Calculators


Insurance Calculators

Life Insurance Calculator

Find out how much life insurance you really need.

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