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Option Trading Changed Lives!

Realize The Dream – Financial Freedom

My name is Roy van Broekhuizen, aka The OnlineTradingGuru and yes, I am a grandfather of 6) and I help everyday people earn more money and achieve financial independence.
Are you familiar with being frustrated with money and of knowing you can do better, but feel tethered to exactly where you are?
I’m sure you can relate, since many highly creative, intelligent and productive individuals are familiar with the feeling of consistently falling short each which is even more frustrating because they know the lack of money is below their own expectations and potential.
Most people are in need of extra income, and often we feel isolated, like we are the only ones who seem to be falling behind in our bills with never enough for the unexpected things that all too regularly strike our bank account, i.e. car repairs, dentists and so on…
Do you dread summer because back to school expenses are right around the corner? Does it take months to pay off last year’s Christmas gifts?
Do you only pay the minimum requirement on your credit cards? Do you juggle which monthly bills to pay first? Are you stressing about how to send your child (who has tried really hard) to college? Are you able to fund your retirement account?
If any of those statements apply to you, you are a member of the biggest club in the world.
Most of us hope if we continue to work hard throughout our lives, we will be in a financial position to enjoy the “golden years” of retirement. But, statistics tell a different story.
According to the Social Security Administration, of people age 65 and older:
•39.6% have incomes under $20,000
•28.2% have incomes from $20,000 to $40,000
•18.9% have incomes from $40,000 to $75,000
•Only 13.3% have incomes in excess of $75,000
Living comfortably on $40,000 a year in retirement, which would require a $1 million plus nest egg by the time you reach the retirement age, will depend on your expenses, investment returns and health-care costs.
This figure does not factor in other benefits, like pensions and Social Security, which can boost your retirement income but is often much less than we expect for a lifetime of work.
This said, for those who live month to month with never enough to put aside into savings, they can look forward to working as a Walmart greeter through their retirement or will move in with their kids because a $1-million-dollar retirement account is a pie in the sky dream.
What Happens When Life Turns for the Worse?
The Solution
During this desperate time, a friend told me about option trading. I had never even heard about options before.
Most people don’t know about or understand what stock options are.
I quickly learned option trading was to be the answer for how I would not only keep a roof over our head, but fully funded our retirement account, and traveled all over the world, including numerous cruises.
I had a small account, and then I learned to successfully trade stock options.
I have been blessed beyond measure by the income earned through option trading. Now teaching others to become financially independent is my way of repaying these blessings.
I also teach daytrading for a living.
To your continued success and significance.
The OnlineTradingGuru