My First Love Was Playing Guitar For A Living

Dear friends:

I started playing guitar at the early age of 13 when I performed live at Thora B Gardiner Jr High School in Oregon City OR.
I remember playing and singing the popular song “Abilene” and I was voted “Most Talented” student that year.
I went on to play guitar professionally in the later 60’s, 70’s, more or less played less in the 80’s until present when I play occasionally at church with my brother in law, who is a worship leader.
I have played mostly Fender guitars throughout my serious playing years, also own a Guild Bluesbird and so on.
Here is a guitar I had at one time, bought from a country and western singer in the 60’s, a Fender Telecaster Orange color,

Please review and let me know what you think.
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Thank you for your consideration.

Roy van Broekhuizen