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Option Trading Changed Lives!

Realize The Dream – Financial Freedom

My name is Roy van Broekhuizen, aka The OnlineTradingGuru and yes, I am a grandfather of 6) and I help everyday people earn more money and achieve financial independence.
Are you familiar with being frustrated with money and of knowing you can do better, but feel tethered to exactly where you are?
I’m sure you can relate, since many highly creative, intelligent and productive individuals are familiar with the feeling of consistently falling short each which is even more frustrating because they know the lack of money is below their own expectations and potential.
Most people are in need of extra income, and often we feel isolated, like we are the only ones who seem to be falling behind in our bills with never enough for the unexpected things that all too regularly strike our bank account, i.e. car repairs, dentists and so on…
Do you dread summer because back to school expenses are right around the corner? Does it take months to pay off last year’s Christmas gifts?
Do you only pay the minimum requirement on your credit cards? Do you juggle which monthly bills to pay first? Are you stressing about how to send your child (who has tried really hard) to college? Are you able to fund your retirement account?
If any of those statements apply to you, you are a member of the biggest club in the world.
Most of us hope if we continue to work hard throughout our lives, we will be in a financial position to enjoy the “golden years” of retirement. But, statistics tell a different story.
According to the Social Security Administration, of people age 65 and older:
•39.6% have incomes under $20,000
•28.2% have incomes from $20,000 to $40,000
•18.9% have incomes from $40,000 to $75,000
•Only 13.3% have incomes in excess of $75,000
Living comfortably on $40,000 a year in retirement, which would require a $1 million plus nest egg by the time you reach the retirement age, will depend on your expenses, investment returns and health-care costs.
This figure does not factor in other benefits, like pensions and Social Security, which can boost your retirement income but is often much less than we expect for a lifetime of work.
This said, for those who live month to month with never enough to put aside into savings, they can look forward to working as a Walmart greeter through their retirement or will move in with their kids because a $1-million-dollar retirement account is a pie in the sky dream.
What Happens When Life Turns for the Worse?
The Solution
During this desperate time, a friend told me about option trading. I had never even heard about options before.
Most people don’t know about or understand what stock options are.
I quickly learned option trading was to be the answer for how I would not only keep a roof over our head, but fully funded our retirement account, and traveled all over the world, including numerous cruises.
I had a small account, and then I learned to successfully trade stock options.
I have been blessed beyond measure by the income earned through option trading. Now teaching others to become financially independent is my way of repaying these blessings.
I also teach daytrading for a living.
To your continued success and significance.
The OnlineTradingGuru

How to Trade

Is Daytrading For You Or Something To Think About?

Day trading can be simple, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s easy.
I know that there are many websites and late night infomercials that try
to tell you differently. They make you think that you just have to read a
few pages or attend an online class, and then, magically, you’ll become a
successful trader, don’t be fooled.
Like in any other profession, you need solid education and knowledge
before you get started. After all, the goal is to make more money than
a lawyer or a doctor, but many aspiring traders expect to learn everything
they need to know from an eBook that they might get somewhere on the internet,
most likely for free. How could a small amount of free information
teach you to make more money than people who have gone to school for
years and years?
Right, the answer is, it can’t.
Some aspiring traders think they don’t have to learn a single thing. They
believe that they can buy a “magic system” or “MAGIC software” that will
place their trades for them and make them rich while they sleep. Or they
rely on the advice of some “guru” for their trading decisions, blindly
following his recommendations without knowing anything about the
I’m glad you’re different, you’re serious about becoming a successful day trader.

You’ll learn a lot of facts and concepts about day trading,
and become the trader you want to be, you’ll have to adapt the
ideas that you’re about to learn to what you already KNOW.
Socrates said that “Learning is remembering.”
And Richard Saul Wurman says:
“Facts in themselves don’t solve the problem. Facts are only
meaningful as they relate to a concept you can grasp.
New ideas are not so much discovered as uncovered by moving from
what you already understand into the realm of what you would
like to understand.”
Here is an example:
I moved from Netherlands to the U.S. in 1961, and one of my first investments
here was buying a house. It should have been no problem – I mean, we
do have houses in the Netherlands. It’s basically the same process, right?
Right, but where I come from, we measure in meters and kilometers.
So, you can just imagine my confusion when my realtor started describing lot sizes
in quarter-acre, half-acre, etc. What the heck? How big is an acre?
Of course, I didn’t want to ask – no one likes to seem ignorant – but I
looked it up. An acre is 43,560 square feet. Great. That didn’t really help
me. Now I knew the exact measurements, but I still couldn’t picture the
exact size of “an acre” in my head. I had no frame of reference.
But, I have it now. A friend of mine told me that an acre is about the size
of an American football field without the end zones.
Proof. Understanding. A frame of reference.
The same is true in trading. You might already know many of the
concepts (e.g. that you should use a stop loss).
There might be some concepts that are new to you (e.g. using a time-stop
when exiting a trade).
I’ll present all of these concepts in a very practical way.
Remember Socrates: “Learning is remembering.”
Objective: Free training on this website will save you
both money and time when it comes to your trading goals.
I’m convinced that it will help you become the trader you
want to be.
Much success and significance with your life and day trading.

Trading Strategies

What Would I Do Differently If ?

What would I have done differently if I was taking my very 1st class in learning about daytrading?

FYI, I was one of 30 students that paid $4000 for a 1 month class to learn how to daytrade for a living June 1997, 20+ years ago.

Needless to say, we were the guinea pigs of daytrading, and many lost most their trading capital and a few made it and became very wealthy trading for a living.

I was the first student to make $9000 the first 15 minutes trading live, which made my head swell and blew up my ego where I almost blew up my trading account the following week.

Fortunately 2 of the best students became my best friends and through discussions and live trading with them, I started figuring it out.

I ended up becoming the VP of Sales and Marketing for what is now the most well known trading education companies in the world, Online Trading Academy.

In retrospect, I would have done less trades and cut my losses of losing trades immediately for one.

I would let the winners run until the charts tell me otherwise.

Be open with all the successful traders and let them advise you in certain situations that you are not sure about.