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In the beginning …

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Where do I Begin

You may have heard it before, when it comes to any type of trading, it starts with the markets, fear and greed. It is all a reflection of emotions, and in order to make money trading, you have to learn to control your fear and greed, and this friends, is the most difficult thing to do.

How To Overcome Fear and Greed

All of us have different emotions at various times of our lives, and they really come into play and effect us when we trade with real money. At one of the online trading seminars I attended earlier in life, I heard the speaker say that trading is the clear window of your own personal psyche, the clearest of any other influence, and I agree.

Understanding The Markets Today

I have been there many times when I was afraid to do another trade after I went through a number of losing ones and the fear of losing more sets in. I caved in when my fear got the best of me, and so I get stopped out of a trade without giving it enough time to develop. On the other side, I have held trades longer than I planned on and I lost more money unnecessarily.

On the other end, we all have taken profits too early, because we don’t want to give back any of the profits, so we miss the bigger winners this way. We trade more shares than we should because we give in to our greed and we feel really good about this one. How can we understand the markets then? If we learn to understand the workings of the markets, we will understand ourselves better, and make better traders.

The purpose of the markets is that they exist to let us trade as much or as little as we choose to. Markets are constantly moving up and down in search for buyers and sellers, anything to get us to participate.

If markets don’t move, they don’t survive. The knowledge that markets have to move, will change the way you think about trading. It will give you the confidence that your losses can’t continue, this will help eliminate the fear.

The markets have to bring traders in to survive, or they will die. The main reason for the market is survival and keep traders interested, so it has to move. It cannot stay in a narrow trading range or traders will lose money, become uninterested and leave, which amounts to less and less liquidity and eventually the market will die.

This knowledge gave me the confidence to continue trading. This has reduced my fear and gave me a lot of confidence.

System Trading

From my experience the last 40+ years, system trading answers the problem of fear and greed, and it is the only way to have an advantage of the markets.

It gives you the discipline to help you with overcoming fear and greed. There are many trading systems that have been tested for a long period of time and the information is quantifiable. The implementation of a trading system is a much better way than trying to interpret the market. If the system is not working, then we can change it. That is a good business decision and you are on your way to making money in your business.

Since we know that a market must continually facilitate trade in order to stay in business, we can customize the design of our system to make sure that we are in for that big move when it happens. None of us have ever been able to predict when the market is going to move big, so it is much better to invest and devise systems and prepare for the big moves and reduce our losses while we are waiting.

My conclusion is the only way to trade all the markets is to use a system that is being constantly re-engineered to the current times. The big money makers do not try to figure out the tops and bottoms, they just take money somewhere in between. This makes good business sense.

The Latest Technology Available

If you are serious about using systems that are profitable, you must use the latest tools available. Learn how to use a desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, trading/chart software and any other tool as effectively as possible.

In the “good” old days, I remember doing so many things by hand that can now be done by any of the above tools. This will help you avoid mental errors, let the tool (s) do your work, i.e. backtesting, parameters and so on.

This will give you more time to do research and test new trading concepts.

In Conclusion

Please review and explore everything I mentioned, use and test your systems over and over, refine and continue exploring, until you find your personalized trading system.


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Most people are lazy, too busy, and want quick results without putting in the work to win. They’d rather pay someone else a 1% fee to do it for them, while they couch surf another episode of Jerry Springer.

You are absolutely correct Bob, you have to put in the work, do a lot of research on your own, learn from other experts and so on. I can kick myself now since I heard about bitcoin from a friend of Emery’s while I was visiting him in Bahrain for a week in 2010. I was distracted since we were so busy helping in tsunami relief. Can you imagine that $100 invested in bitcoin then is worth $57 million? Crazy right, fortunately I did NOT miss the 2nd opportunity, started buying bitcoin at $3000 after it dropped from a high of almost $20,000 in December 2017. Today it reached an all time high of $67,553, I am grateful and thankful for our Lord to give me a brain to think with and act on opportunities. I’ve buying the top 20 cryptocurrencies since 2018, they are all up quite a bit!

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